Thursday, September 30, 2010


I'm taking the day off today.

Not like I haven't taken the whole week off, but whatever.

I've once again signed up for this deal called Bloggerstock, which will be explained henceforth, and note my use of Elizabethan phrasing or whatever the hell that was. I got teamed up with Puneeth at Rustic Reverie, who agreed to take over That Ain't Kosher for the day. So here's his shit.

Hi. This post is coming to you thanks to an idea called Bloggerstock.

Bloggerstock aims to create a "Blog-ring", where a group of people post on a common topic on each others' blog, creating a kind of a ringof posts. The bloggers are given a topic each month and they post on that topic.

This month's topic is Do-over. I'm going to talk about one thing that I'd like to do-over, given the hind-sight that I have after the event.

Bloggerstock: Do-over

There are a hundred thousand things that I felt like doing over -- doing better, doing differently, or refraining from doing -- after having done them. All sorts of things, from a pass in a game of football to an argument with a friend to the way I prepared for a test to the courses I took in college to the book(s) I (didn't) read, and so on...

But now, when I wish to write about one thing that I'd like to do-over, I'm really out of ideas. I'm in no position to write anything.  Obviously, it's not the lack of instances or incidents.

There are, as I said, a hundred thousand things that I felt really bad or angry about and badly wanted to change the way I did them. Time has probably healed the injuries and relieved the pain. I don't feel so intensely about them, anymore.

In fact, I even have started to think they are an integral part of me. I wouldn't be me -- what I am today -- even if one of those things had been done differently. These things make up what I am.
But, on some further thought, this begins to feel like, just an excuse to avoid thinking really hard about life. An excuse to avoid writing about something that I really want to do differently. Do over. More thought and Viola! I finally came up with some thing better. More realistic. More sensible. Less of an excuse. :P

I would re-live my college (read as a school, in American English) life, religiously writing into my journal every day. Each and every day! College has been a great learning experience --- I learn a lot of things (mostly out of class). A lot of things I'd like to go back to. Re-read. Recall. Ruminate upon. Re-learn. But often I fail. I'm lost.

I'm not able to go back, as well as I would like to. I've learnt some lessons, but I wish to go back and learn some new lessons. I wish to think about stuff, aloud. But I'm at a loss. I see no way. I can't go back as precisely and accurately as I'd have loved to. I really want to do-over my college life, and write into my diary each day of it.

I would've definitely written about something else now, if only I'd the habit of writing my diary diligently every day.

I hope to do that henceforth, at least.

So there's my Bloggerstock guest post. You can read my literary genius over at Witless Exposition, and because I love to pimp out my friends (maybe I'm in the wrong profession) check out Sara Nips' hilarious encounter on The Bear Monk's page. If you want to sign up for Bloggerstock next month (do it, or I will be PISSED), click the link here.

And speaking of guest bloggers, I'll finally deliver with my next post what I've been threatening for like eleven years already. Trust me, it's fucking epic.


Sara said...

I can't WAIT to repost your story. Yay guest blogging!

theTsaritsa said...

I wish I had studied more in college, too. Taken advantage of the opportunities I passed up back then. Oh well...

Brahm (alfred lives here) said...

That is cool - new to me - gonna check it out!