Sunday, September 19, 2010


I feel like I should post something soon, or you're all going to leave me. This is going to be kind of half-assed. Sorry.

First of all, can I mention that I've been in a really good fucking mood since I arrived back home last week? I've been crashing at my grandma's/mom's apartment in an area of Brooklyn that no one's ever heard of, and there's no internet connection and like, three channels on their TV. But you know what? It's awesome because I'm BACK IN NEW YORK! Except for one night where Mother Nature had a catfight with PMS and sent a tornado to the tri-state area, the weather's been absolutely perfect. I don't miss California at all. I never want to go back (not like you thought I would anyway).

I've spent this first weekend doing Jew-y things with my family due to Yom Kippur, and then on Sunday hopped the MTA to my brothers' place to catch some football and the Broken Social Scene concert. I've been pigging out on amazing pizza, delicious bagels, and other luxuries that LA ignores. Starting on Monday I'll be doing the social thing, catching up with the friends I left behind and maybe even some of my fellow bloggers, a few of who've graciously (insanely?) agreed to take over this site during my absence to save all of you from your impending deep depression. (I'm not telling you who, although I will say this: be jealous. They're both pretty unbelievable.)

So anyway, while all of this has been going on, I finally got the chance to catch up on the Internet today. I apparently missed a lot of shit while I was playing Amish:

A bunch of you have commented on my last couple of posts, and I've been unable to respond. Sorry! I've fixed it. Go here and here.

Also, it's frightening how much I've actually missed the Nip Clique in the 20sb Chat. I wish I could be there, but I trust the rest of you have taken over in the state of my truancy (especially you, Nips). I hope you guys have actually noticed that I'm gone and I don't come off like a total retard.

Speaking of 20sb, thank you to Lilly from A Pre-life Crisis who was deranged yet sensational enough to bestow me with the Versatile Blogger award. I don't actually know how "versatile" I am, but any accolades are always welcome. This marks the second time Lilly's given me some kind of trophy, which must mean she loves me.

Because it's now my duty to pass this on to my own Versatile Bloggers, I give you the following:

Natalie Paige @ Awkward Sex and the City
Shelly @ Starting Over

And, of course:

Sara Nips @ Sara Swears A Lot (everyone vote for her for Featured Blogger for October on 20sb. We're taking it over. Trust.)

So that's what's been going on with me for the past few days, and why I've been totally slacking off with my posting. I'll try to get some shit in soon, but in the meantime, you always have my blogroll. Or you could always, I don't know, find a hobby or something.


MrsCaptKerk said...

Thanks hot stuff!

Is it because I nagged you on the last post?

Oh well, beggars can't be choosers!

SBG said...

yay yom kippur!

Sara said...

Find a.... hobby? Why would we do that? I've just been sitting on your blog page hitting the reload button for the past three days. Miss you!

jessica maria said...

Hurrah for New York! :)

Paige said...

aw thanks so much miss thang! im so jealous of ny... fingers crossed im up in november!

Brahm (alfred lives here) said...

Hobby? You mean like offline?

Hell to the no on that...

off to peruse your blogroll!

That Ain't Kosher said...

@Shelly- Haha, maybe a little.

No, it's because you totally deserve it and because you're Shelly Nugs.

@SBG- "Yay" isn't exactly the word I would use, but sure, if you want to go there.

@Nips- Aw, I miss you too! Having no internet blows.

@Jessica- Yup. I never want to leave.

@Paige- Seriously? If I stay here I'm going to need a roommate. We'll talk later. <3

@Brahm- Yeah, offline. I don't know what that is either.

orion said... in multiple positions.

Nicole said...

THE COCKBLOCK ON YOUR BLOG HAS BEEN LIFTED. It's about time. For example, I could have already known that you were back in New York. Fail, Reader. Fail.

While I don't approve of hating on MY hometown, I'm glad you're home and happy. I know that feeling of, "This is how every single place should be and omg why are other places so stupid and not like this place?" that comes with going home.

Also: <33 Broken Social Scene. I don't think I've seen them live since high school.