Friday, July 09, 2010


Before I get into why these past few days have rained down the FAIL!, I have a few minor, more uplifting announcements:

I'll be doing some heavy guest posting in the coming weeks for three pretty awesome bloggers (bloggesses?): Ashley at What Sources Say, Heather at Boyfriend Challenged, and Lynn at Thoughts of a Randomista. I'll of course be alerting all of you as to when my posts go up, but in the meantime, you should check their shit out- it's pretty entertaining.

Plus my blog got its tenth follower. Say yes to double digits (and no to The Clap)!

Seriously, don't get TOO excited.

I also had a mildly exhilarating lunch that could maybe lead to a potentially awesome job. So we'll see if anything comes of that. Legs crossed.

Other than that, this week pretty much brought on the suckage. My current role as Verizon's favorite punching bag continued when my Droid broke and they had to send me a new phone- again. I had to go all the way to the Verizon store, and of course the problem wouldn't repeat itself. The douche behind the counter basically accused me of lying, but he did order me another phone while looking down at me from behind his $1,000 shades. Hey, asshole, only two kinds of people wear sunglasses inside- blind guys and dicks. And I seriously doubt you're blind.


So my new Droid arrived and I realized they forgot to send me the memory card for my phone- again. After I ordered ANOTHER card (for the third time, BTW- the second time was because the genius that took my order in the first place forgot to actually put it in, and BTW congratulate me for not laughing at "put it in"), the guy told me where they sent it and I was like, "What? That place doesn't even exist." Seriously, why didn't you just send the stuff to fucking Narnia? It would probably have gotten here faster. So I gave them the address again, and at least they credited my account. Let's see where this new adventure takes me (to a clock tower).

Speaking of idiots, a new restaurant is opening here in LA and I was looking forward to at least getting something part-time while I look for something that will actually pay me. I was an assistant GM at a bar for years so even if I had to downgrade, I figured it was at least something. I had seen a sign for a walk-in job fair at said restaurant that went through Saturday, so I called the place just to make sure I could still come in. The Einstein that answered the phone told me that they're no longer hiring, but are "currently accepting applications." I knew what that meant- I better hope that someone quit, got fired, or came down with a nasty case of Ebola.

OK, first of all, why would you stop hiring in the middle of a job fair? The operative words here are "job" and "fair." And second, why the hell would you tell people that? Dumbass. Luckily, the place is a chain, so I figure I'll just submit my application online.

In non-related, but just as shitty, news, a couple of my girlfriends told me that I should text The Architect and find out what he's up to over the next couple of days. This kind of crap always leaves a bad taste in my mouth; I was the last one to call; technically, he should reach out to me, right? Anyway, I took my friends' advice, dug his number off of the scrap paper that had burrowed its way into the little pocket of my purse and asked him if anything was going down this weekend. An hour later (!) he wrote back, "I don't know, I'm doing my own thing with Annette this weekend."

Excuse me? Who the fuck is Annette? And why does she have such a whorey name?

I know that guys sometimes do that thing where they collect numbers like some people collect communicable diseases and then don't call, just to prove that girls find them hot. Women do this too, I'm not gonna lie. But why actually follow up and call me if you're already dating someone? What the hell does that accomplish? I forwarded the text to M and she was like, "WTF? Don't even answer that." Right there with ya.

I should order him killed.

Oh, well. Time to start over. The World Cup final is this weekend and I plan on indifferently rooting for both teams. M is super pissed about LeBron leaving Cleveland so maybe I can convince her to get sufficiently soused with me. I'll keep you guys updated.


Annabelle said...

I've done countless job fairs and open calls for restaurants (and sent out countless resumes), and the only 3 serving jobs I've had, I got when they "weren't hiring" just "accepting applications".

I think the trick is to just show up and show off.

That Ain't Kosher said...

I've decided I'm definitely still going in there. Maybe the girls will actually get me something this time beside a trail of drool in the cleave.

CkretsGalore said...

What a scroate monkey! Should order him punched in le' nutsack at the very least.

I told Manfriend that we're not ever breaking up. EVER. I'm way too lazy to date again. Takes so much to get to that comfortable stage (*fart*) and I despise the games.

That Ain't Kosher said...

That's actually an awesome idea. I think we should be best friends.