Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I've spent the last few days on the dreaded job hunt, which you guys will hear about sooner or later. So in order to avoid a million years between blog posts, I forced Lynn at Thoughts of a Randomista to write a post for you while I take a nice, long nap because now I'm fucking exhausted (PS- she's actually returning the favor- I wrote one for her a few weeks ago which she swears will be up by tomorrow).

We gave each other free rein on the topic, so now all I can say is, WOW.

HOLY SHIT. If you guys thought I was angry, this chick has a shitload more grievances than I do. I'm Little Miss Fucking Sunshine compared to her. But what she sent me is hilarious, raunchy and REALLY controversial (and totally justified, BTW), so read it, love it, get pissed off, whatever, and feel free to post your comments, because I am definitely bringing her back.

And I'll see you all again ASAP, as soon as my hand feels like it's not going to fall off.

From filling out applications, people! God, you guys are sick.


Ignorance at its FINEST!

Muahahaha- Randomista TAKEOVER. I’m TOAR and you have to endure my random rants because That Ain’t Kosher went to be a regular Jew today. You know, a “kosher” one. So now you have to read my raunchy, scandalous writings. I love my new Jew friend. She frickin rocks for letting me steal her followers today!

Please Note: My post contains racist slurs – and I don’t care. My white side is from Ansley, Nebraska (STRAIGHT EUROPEAN) and the black side is from Atlanta Georgia (HAHA THE N WORD GOES HERE).

Have you ever had an itch that was so bad that you scratched and scratched and you broke skin? You know, to the white meat? That’s how bad this particular thing is getting to me…


How come if I am looking at you, I gotta be staring? Then I get some hoe ass comment like “What the fuck you looking at?” My next reaction is: “BITCH I'M LOOKIN AT YOU!” Which in turn, starts some shit; the kicker part is, that might not have been what I was doing but since TOAR is IGNORANT, that is how she will address it! Why can’t I just admire something you have on like a pair of shoes, or I notice how your hair – weave and all – looks better than my real long pretty hair. Get over yourself. You should take it as a compliment if someone is “staring” at you. No need to be nasty.

By the way, 5 – Star chicks are just uppity ass hood rats.


Black people are more racist than white people. Ok, ok – let me rephrase that. They are equally racist but there are some subtle differences.

Black People

Are openly racist – don’t care who you are, what color, or anything – they will talk about you.

First to pull the RACE card when things don’t go their way (ie. jobs, school, the responsibility for their future)

White People

Northern White People will be your friends in your face then stab you in the back

Southern White People will tell you to your face to stay away and no one will get hurt.


TOAR is ignorant. I know everything above is not true but that is some of the things that I deal with living the mixed life. On the white side of my family, I am the black girl. On the black side of my family, I am the white girl – Identity Crisis, definitely. To me, people are mean in general. You cannot meet a stranger that will be nice to you, start a regular conversation with – someone that will be genuine and open. NO MATTER THE RACE.

Have you ever been the victim of the “Hoodrat Attack?” or were you the one who jumped down their throat? Also, what kind of cultural differences do you face in your home or everyday life?

The World Sucks and so do you!


Follow TOAR’s raunchy ass at Thoughts of a Randomista!

So anyway, WOW. I've never experienced anything like what Lynnorra's been through, probably because my Jewiness on both sides is something like 10,000%. But it's good to know that there's someone else that's as pissed off as I am.

Anyway, I'll be back soon, and if you can't wait that long, here's something almost as adorable as me to tide you over:

Don't forget to check out my post on her blog, whenever it goes up (cough).

UPDATE: My post is up! Go check it out- you know it's gonna be a pants-shitter: Is It Just Me?

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Emdottie said...

Lmfao. I hate that five star "I'm independent" bullshit. STFU and redo your weave heaux.