Sunday, December 05, 2010


So as most of you are probably sick of hearing about by now, the drunk-tacular geniuses in the 20sb Nip Clique elected me their all-powerful leader Featured Blogger last month. That was seriously one of the most awesome things that's happened to me all year, even though I didn't win any money or get a free tiara or unicorn or anything like that.

Well November's over, so now it's somebody else's turn. Because I'm totally high on this whole omnipotence deal (om-NIP-o-tence?), I had to make sure to keep the meter running and that one of my friends got the vote.

Well, I win again, because this month the crown goes to Mandy Moore, of The Real MandyMoore. If you don't read her blog yet, you obviously have been ignoring my blogroll, and that is very, very bad. Mandy is an impressive ninja/zombie fighter who's also a mom to one the most adorable little girls I've ever seen. She also sometimes sends me hilarious sext messages. The fact that she's December's Featured Blogger already makes her a zillion times cooler than that OTHER Mandy Moore, who's just done a bunch of shitty movies and crappy-ass pop songs that no one likes anyway.

Here's just one of the reasons that the REAL Mandy Moore totally took this month:


Normally one would have to pry a title like this from my tiny yet nimble fingers, but I actually don't mind abdicating the throne because the word "abdicate" sounds a lot like "masturbate." So congratulations, Lover!!!! You make the Nip Clique proud... and also kind of turn us on a little bit.

PS-  I nominated Ginntastic for January, which I partially did to annoy her because she's actually on a campaign for Least Featured Blogger, which I think is hysterical. Anyway, go vote for her, because January is my birthday month and since the possibility of Christian Bale being mailed to my house naked and duct-taped is probably not in the cards, this is the next best thing.


theTsaritsa said...

Or go vote for me-- I nominated myself because I'm a bad ass and don't play by the rules! Oh yeah!

the Tsaritsa sez

I'm sorry you didn't get a tiara, or the last unicorn. I heard he went up for auction last month for 2 mil. Unicorn meat is very tasty, you see.

MandyMoore said...

I have big shoes to fill, but I will make you proud. The Nipocalypse WILL reign over the zombies.

I already insisted all bloggers immediately cease to use microwaves because I have heard too many stories of people sticking things they should in one. Myself included.

Do not put your license in a microwave.

Wait, what were we talking about?

...oohh look there goes Itty.

Sara said...


Ginny said...

thank you for the nomination. But it seems I am still in the running for Least Featured blogger!

Christina In Wonderland said...

I'm dead serious about the bad ass beer can tiara. Dead. Serious. Dead serious like those fucking zombies. Zombies... Mandy had to mention zombies. Time to go update my zombie plans.

And I seriously have no idea who to vote for this month. There are SO MANY good blogs out there. It's so unfair... can't we just feature everyone?

Also, I fucking love captchas. We're all talking about tiaras and featured bloggers and ruling the blogosphere (we weren't talking about that? Whoops.) and my captcha ends up being "regal".

Ah. The things in life that make me happy...

That Ain't Kosher said...

@Tsa- I wouldn't know, since I'm a veg (I ALMOST said vag- HA!), but I did hear that uni meat fetches for at least 50 cents in this market.

Do you think unicorns are always horny?

That was a stupid joke.

@Mandy- Can you imagine how bad-ass it's going to be this weekend with the current heavy-hitter and defending champion running around Philly? TOGETHER? I shudder to think. LOVE.


@Gin- I will continue to nominate you every month if I have to. That's how we roll.

@Christina- We WERE talking about ruling the blogosphere, telepathically. That's why you left a comment. Because I "told" you to.

In the wise words of Nips, RAWR.