Monday, December 27, 2010


This weekend was Christmas, in case you slept through the last however many years of your life and didn't know that, so of course I was bored as shit because I'm a Jew. All of my Jew-y friends are back East, so I planned on ignoring the holiday by watching the Buffy marathon on Chiller and getting Chinese food.

Despite the fact that LA is run by Judaism, all the Chinese places were actually closed (WTF?), so that didn't work out. I can't remember what I actually ate all day, but I think it fell into the sandwich category.

Yeah, this happened.

Enough about my stupid non-holiday, because you guys don't care. Besides, I won't be stumbling through inertia for much longer because I made the most kick-ass New Year's plans ever.

I was SUPPOSED to road-trip it with one of my girlfriends to NOLA and hook it up (or hook up- RAWR) with Sara Nips, but said friend disappeared on me at the last minute. Fortunately for me, I was able to reach out to Riot, one of my New York cohorts so named not only for her wicked sarcasm delivery but also her ability to drink up and party down, and she basically ordered me to penetrate 2011 with her in Texas. We would start the decade off right at a gig in Dallas and then hightail it to Austin, one of the music capitals of the country. My flight was booked before we hung up the phone.

Don't worry, Nips- I love you and this NOLA weekend IS happening. Trust.

She forgives me, because I'm adorable. <3<3<3

Anyway, I'm SO psyched for Austin. Besides NOLA and Chicago, it's the one city in the US that I've never been to that I absolutely have to visit. The live music community there is astronomical, and it's Texas, so I'm pretty sure everyone can drink me under the table. Plus Riot is originally from Texas, so she knows where all the most humiliating mechanical bulls are located. It's definitely going to be one of the greatest vacations of my life.

This means I'll actually be in a pretty awesome mood for the rest of the year, thanks to Riot's excellent trip-planning skills. As if that weren't enough, I've also been presented with another blog award, this time from one of my minions accomplices new blogoversians Kandace from One Red Wall.

I actually totally stalk her blog too, but I can't give this back to her, or the four other well-deserving bloggers (bloggesses? bloggi?) that she passed this along to. So let's see...

Ginntastic @ Ginntastic (Please, PLEASE vote for her for Featured Blogger! If she wins it'll give kittens souls.)
Lor @ Late To The Party
Christina @ Christina In Wonderland

and of course...

Mandy Moore @ The Real MandyMoore

I adore all of you guys, and remember, I know where you live. At least on Facebook. (Except for you, Ginn. I see you when you're sleeping. AHAHAHAHA!)

Happy New Year, everyone!!! See you in 2011... if I'm awake.


Allison said...

Have fun in Texas! Happy New Year!

Roxanne and Lorraine said...

1.) the finest white meat gets me everytime.

2.) If you hook-up with Nips, I wanna hook-up with Nips. We should plan a grand Nip-hook-up in 2011. Think about it.

3.) Riot is a great nickname. Think if I start forcing people to call be Riot, it'll stick? No? Whatever.

4.) That award made me LOL. It's what we tell each other ALL THE TIME. :)

Thanks for stalking me. I stalk you too.


CkretsGalore said...

Have a wicked ass trip & Happy New Year two you too!

Christina In Wonderland said...

That is the best award I've seen TO DATE! I'm definitely stalking SO many people that I've had to develop teleportation to be able to make my daily rounds.

I hope you have a great time in Austin, and I will anxiously be awaiting details, even the most obnoxious or embarrassing details. :)

Of course, I'm stalking you, so I'll probably see what happens anyway... *creepy stare*

Penny Lane said...

it's no fun to be a Jew at christmas time.

Coyote Rose said...

Dude, all the Chinese places were closed on Christmas? Every Chinese in a 30 mile radius of me was open and Jewish people don't live in the backwoods of NC.

Also you're totes awesome.

Ginny said...

I love how you are pimping me out for featured blogger all over the place.

Have fun in Texas. Roll in the hay with a cow boy or something

That Ain't Kosher said...

@Allison & Ckrets- you KNOW I'll be blogging about how much fun I have in TX- IF I remember. Happy New Year to you too!

@Lor- I put that up for you. <3 Also I will totally start a campaign to call you Riot if you want. Let's make this happen.

Dude- let's totally plan that hook-up. I'm there if you are.
I'm so happy you love my award! My tree or yours?

@Christina- I won't be sending you any details, because I know you'll be outside my room, waiting, and watching...

I love you.

@Penny- I know. Sad.

@Coyote- I'm over it. My sandwich was pretty epic.


That Ain't Kosher said...

@Ginn- You know that's what I do. I will nominate you every month if I have to.

Also I am totally planning on kidnapping a cowboy and bringing him back here. We'll see how that works out.

Sara said...


When are you going to be in Dallas/Austin? Maybe I could come visit YOU.

Brahm (alfred lives here) said...

Happy New Year, and enjoy Austin!

I am now married to a goy, so we do Hanukkah and Christmas, which this year featured my 8 Hanukkah presents under the tree until my dog started to chew them open, then we had to revert to plan B.

Back when I was single, friends and I (Jews and Orphans) always used to go to an early movie and then for Chinese or Vietnamese food, where we saw every other Jew in the city. Shocked they were closed in LA!