Thursday, June 02, 2011


ZOMIGOD, you guys.

Not only is it the six-month anniversary of SMAC, but to celebrate, we have a fucking amazing list. For some reason, the June Edition is all Nip Clique or Nip Honorary, so just click through the links and don’t jerk it too hard.

PS- for those of you that are pissed that you didn’t get an email this month, note that on May’s edition I instigated a new rule in which I clearly stated that if you do not let me know, by email, that you’re in the ring, YOU’RE NOT INVITED. I seriously can’t keep track of everybody, so you need to help me out. I need to hear from you by the 20th of the month, and the swap list goes out on the 21st. That’s it. Done.

I love you.

This month I’m posting for Harley, who not only is incredibly hot but has the accent to go with it (SO jealous), so if you head over No Pressure No Diamonds you’ll get to read my assessment of why Aladdin has ruined my future in procreation.

Before you do that, though, scroll down to capture Sara Nips' review of the eye-bleeder that is Space Jam. You lucky bitches get a double does of Nips and I since I posted for her last month, so...hooray?

BTW, Nips has now opened my eyes to a world of possibilities for baby names. If I have a son, I'm naming him Basketball Jones. Middle name Andy.

Andy and I originally set out to watch the movie Space Jam, so I could write my shitty movie review post. We rented the movie, popped some popcorn, and hit play.

We literally made it through less than a minute. (Special Nugs Commentary: Clearly, Nips neglected to partake in the "Two-Disc Special Edition" you see up above, because then they may have gotten through a good five minutes. Or maybe not.)

After the movie opened with the most amazing ballad of all time (“I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly), Andy mentioned that he owned the soundtrack to Space Jam and used to rock that shit on a regular basis. Obviously, my only reaction was to press pause and listen to the entire Space Jam soundtrack, beginning to end. And to be honest, the soundtrack to Space Jam is where the real magic is happening.

It was impossible to play "Basketball Jones" without 90s dancing all up in the living room and freaking out our dogs. Space Jam has the most perfect humping soundtrack I've ever heard. And I fully intend on testing this out in the near future.

The soundtrack to Space Jam is the perfect representation of 90s music. The songs on that soundtrack have beats that make you feel like you’re in a night club you can never escape, creepy ballads sung by creepy people, and songs that remind many of us of Friday night skating rink parties or kissing with braces.

Everyone knows the movie Space Jam is shittastic because we were all forced to watch it a millionty times in elementary school. (Seriously, is this the only movie my school had for rainy days?) But the hidden gem in all of this is truly the music that comes along with the movie. Do yourself a favor and have a listen.

P. S. I realize that I didn't actually review the movie at all because I'm super lazy and distracted easily by dancing like an old person in my living room for hours at a time. Don't hate.

P. P. S. I get to host my best bloggity friend on my blog for the movie review this month! I may have cried a few tears of joy when I found this out. Obviously I had to clean up the place, light some candles, put on my Space Jam soundtrack..... you get the idea. If my blog is rockin', don't come knockin', yo. (Plus Lor ( actually did a movie review post like we were supposed to. Go figure.)


Roxanne and Lorraine said...

No, seriously, WAS IT THE ONLY MOVIE FOR RAINY DAYS?!? We were watching the same shit, yo. Over and over again. Plus we would pick character to cheer for as they walked into basketball arena.

Also, we would quote the girl bunny who says, "Don't ever call me doll," all badass like. #amazing

Welcome to the space jam! Alright! Here's your chance, do your dance...something... we're gonna take it into overdrive! Something.


Memories. :)


Coyote Rose said...

OMG i owned the space jam soundtrack once upon a time and it was awesome. I mean it was R.Kelly before the creepy sex shit and Monica back when she had a career.

I wonder if i still have it around somewhere.